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Laetitia Carle Greenly Climate Tech

Impact Interview: Laetitia Carle, COO & Managing Director France at Greenly

In this interview, we’ll be speaking with Laetitia Carle, COO & Managing Director France at Greenly, a climate tech startup helping businesses understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

Welcome to Global Good’s Impact Interview series. This interview series is designed to tell the stories of the people and companies working to drive impact in society.

In this interview, we’ll be speaking with Greenly which offers a unique software which enables SMBs to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role?

I’m Greenly’s COO and managing director of France. I joined Greenly last year to structure Greenly’s growth. Our mission is to scale carbon management massively to allow all companies to set a climate strategy and reduce their emissions.

Because of my finance background, I lead investor relations, but also our new business department which includes our key strategic initiatives such as partnerships, sustainable procurement and Greenly for finance.

How did the company come about and what was the motivation behind it?

We are a technology company. Our founders come from the tech world, having worked in the connected health industry. Greenly was born out of the idea that today, you can measure everything easily, but not your carbon footprint, as only 20% of emissions are tracked and managed.

With climate change being the most pressing issue of our century, it was urgent to leverage technology to enable every company to measure and reduce their emissions.

Can you describe Greenly’s mission and values?

Our mission is to make carbon management accessible. Our values are driving our team towards this objective: Ambition for Climate, Ownership, Customer Obsession, Agility, and Feedback.

What are some of the most pressing social issues that Greenly is working to address through its technology?

Our conviction is that greenhouse gas emissions are the most difficult problem to solve in our environmental crisis. To reach the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement, we must reduce emissions massively, which is obviously not possible with only 20% of emissions tracked. The reason behind this is the complexity and high cost of carbon accounting, which we reduce tenfold thanks to our technology.

In your opinion, what impact will technology have in creating a better future?

With the right funding, new technologies that drastically impact industrial production, transportation, or energy will have a tremendous impact on climate change.

In the meantime, software and technologies such as low-code and AI can have a major impact in driving the adoption of responsible behaviours by making complex processes easier, and help scale climate strategies worldwide.

What advice do you have for other companies looking to use tech for good and positively impact the world?

It’s crucial that you define your mission and keep your focus on it. There is so much to do in the space, it’s important to mobilise all your energy on what you can do best. Collaboration with experts is key to ensuring you have the impact you’re aiming at.

As for any business, you must listen to customers, at all times. You can only have an impact if you solve their problem in the process, and it can be easy to focus on your ideals rather than what would actually work and be implemented.

With a long-term commitment and these principles, you can create meaningful change and contribute to a better future.

Greenly was the Regional Winner of the 2022 Super Connect for Good Competition powered by Empact Ventures and Hays

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