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Impact Interview: Sam Brearey, CEO of AccesserCise

Welcome to Global Good’s Impact Interview series. This interview series is designed to tell the stories of the people and companies working to drive impact in society.

In this interview, we caught up with London-based HealthTech startup AccesserCise – a fitness app that is specially designed for the disability community.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role?

I’m Sam Brearey, Co-Founder and CEO of Accessercise. My background is in elite sports, I was a professional sailor and then a sports agent. My role at AccesserCise is to drive strategic growth, reach company KPIs, raise investment and ensure the company remains true to its key values of inclusivity.

How did your company come about, and what was the motivation behind it?

AccesserCise started following the COVID-19 pandemic, where the disparity in support, knowledge and resources for the disabled community grew, becoming so evident. The disabled community were more isolated, isolated longer, didn’t have the same exercise and healthy living opportunities, etc. We wanted to change that by empowering and educating the disabled community providing the content and resources needed to live healthier lives. Our motivation is to empower 1.2 billion people to be more active, healthier and exercise more.

Can you describe AccesserCise’s mission and values?

At AccesserCise, we believe in disability first. Inclusion and Accessibility are the core fundamentals of what we do. We believe in empowering and educating to drive positive, long-term change.

What are some of the most pressing social issues that AccesserCise is working to address through its technology?

Accessercise works on breaking down the barriers to healthy living for the disabled community. Focusing on providing knowledge, resources, support and a purpose-built community. We want to change perceptions, increase inclusion and improve accessibility within the health and fitness industry. By gathering data and information specifically relating to the disabled community, Accessercise has the privileged position of being able to justify, highlight and showcase the changes needed, the benefits of these changes and the quantitative justification for these changes to inclusivity and accessibility.

How does your company measure the impact of its work in creating positive change?

We measure the impact of Accessercise in both quantitative and qualitative ways. From a quantitative perspective, we measure users, downloads, specific usage within the app, number of ratings of facilities, time spent in the app, progress through exercise levels, etc.

From a qualitative perspective, we encourage user feedback, case studies, referrals, partner feedback, etc. We measure both the impact on our users and their lives as well as our impact on the wider industry of sport, health and fitness.

In your opinion, what impact will technology have in creating a better future?

There are 1.2 billion disabled people in the world, and AccesserCise wants to help and support all 1.2 billion. We are aiming for a better future for the disabled community, greater inclusivity across the world and more accessibility within the health/fitness industry.

AccesserCise will, for the first time, gather a large amount of accurate data on habits, usage, exercise, healthy living, etc., in the disabled community, which will be used to justify and drive the improvements in accessibility and inclusivity needed, both in the fitness industry and wider society.

What advice do you have for other companies looking to use tech for good and positively impact the world?

My advice would be that technology to drive positive impact is an important part.

One of the biggest parts of creating a positive impact on the world is working together, rather than against people. Embrace partnerships, joint workings and support of others as they support you. Have a clear mission, clear goals and clear values. Ensure you stick to these and have them as your guiding force. No matter the pressure you face from others, stay true to your values and goals.

AccesserCise was selected as a Top 10 HealthTech, MedTech and Diversity & Inclusion finalist in the Super Connect for Good Competition 2023 powered by Empact Ventures and Hays

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